Model Portfolios / Lazy Portfolios List

Welcome to our Model Portfolios and Lazy Portfolios list!

Our comprehensive portfolio list is constantly evolving and expanding featuring both classic and modern asset allocations.

We’ll feature portfolios that fall under investing categories such as quant, active, passive, macro, hedge and alternative strategies.

Here are the Official Portfolios of the site: Picture Perfect Portfolios 2.0

Model Portfolios and Lazy Portfolios List - Digital Art

You’ll find famous portfolios such as the Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio, Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio, Risk Parity Portfolio and Classic 60/40 Portfolio.

Moreover, you’ll discover portfolio ideas, solutions and strategies from investors of all walks of life including both amateur and professionals.

I’ll also introduce and float out some of my own portfolio ideas from time to time including my flagship Picture Perfect Portfolio.

What you’ll find is portfolio ideas that move beyond just market cap weighted equities and aggregate bonds.

I’m specifically seeking to review portfolios that offer significant “alternative sleeve” allocations to strategies such as gold, reits, market neutral, long-short equity, managed futures, trend following, long volatility and merger arbitrage just to name a few.

We’ll also key in on equity factor strategies including value, momentum, quality, size, growth at a reasonable price, minimum volatility, low volatility, shareholder yield, dividend and multi-factor approaches.

If there is a particular portfolio you’d like to see comprehensively reviewed please let us know!

We’re all ears over here at Picture Perfect Portfolios.

Model Portfolios and Lazy Portfolios for Investors to Consider - digital art

Model Portfolios / Lazy Portfolios

Golden Butterfly Portfolio (Tyler of Portfolio Charts)
Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio vs Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio 
Rational Reminder Model Portfolios (by Ben Felix and Cameron Passmore)
Return Stacked 60/40 Portfolio (ReSolve and Newfound Research)
The Cockroach Portfolio (Jason Buck & Taylor Pearson)
The Dragon Portfolio (Chris Cole of Artemis)
The Weird Portfolio (Value Stock Geek)

Enhancing Classic Portfolios With Capital Efficient Combinations - Digital Art

Enhancing Classic Portfolios

10 Ways Investors Can Improve A 60/40 Portfolio | Ultimate Enhanced 60/40 Portfolio With ETFs
10 Ways Investors Can Improve The Classic Risk Parity Portfolio
10 Ways Investors Can Improve The Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio
Expanded Canvas Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio: A Capital Efficient Maximum Diversification Masterpiece
How To Create A More Defensive Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio

Portfolios That I Created Myself - Nomadic Samuel Of Picture Perfect Portfolios

Portfolios I Created

*New* Picture Perfect Portfolios 2.0 – (The Fortress, SPY Hunter, Max D Triple P, Honey Badger, The Contrarian, Canucklehead)

Defender Portfolio – Ultimate 3 ETF Capital Efficient Defensive Portfolio
Nomadic Samuel Portfolio

Picture Perfect Portfolio
So Trendy
Underrated ETF Portfolio 

Investing Guides Created By Nomadic Samuel Of Picture Perfect Portfolios

Investing Guides

Long-Short Equity Investing Guide
Multi-Factor Investing Guide
Minimum Volatility Investing Guide 

More portfolios coming soon!

Please leave suggestions in the comment section below as we’ll bump those up the queue!