Investing Legends

Investing legends is a continuous interview series where we feature both amateur and professional investors.

These top investors share their best strategies, advice, tips, portfolios and asset allocation ideas so that we can all potentially learn, absorb, reject and/or integrate them into our toolkit.

We’ll cover topics such as investors psychology, behavioural finance, value investing, trend following, adaptive asset allocation and alternative investments just to name a few.

We’ll try to unpack what makes each individual investor we feature tick and why they invest they way they do in such a manner that suits their personality and worldview.

Investing Legend Interviews
source: PaarPeter on pixabay

Investing Legends Interviews

Here are some of the Investing Legends Interviews we’ve had on Picture Perfect Portfolios:

1) Value Investing And The Weird Portfolio With Investor Value Stock Geek
2) Trend Following and All Weather Investing With Eric Crittenden Of Standpoint Funds
3) Adaptive Asset Allocation, Risk Parity And Return Stacking With Adam Butler
4) All Weather Portfolios, Multi-Factor Investing, Patience And Baseball With Larry Swedroe
5) Value Investing, Trend Following And Leverage With HML Compounder
6) Preparing Portfolios For Inflation And Return Stacking With Rodrigo Gordillo
7) Risk Parity Investing Strategies With Justin Of Risk Parity Chronicles
8) Deep Value Investing Strategy With Tobias Carlisle
9) Quantitative Momentum Investing Strategy With Ryan Patrick Kirlin
10) Merger Arbitrage And Long-Short Equity Investing With Julian Klymochko
11) The Cockroach Portfolio | A Diversified Portfolio Ready For All Economic Regimes
12) Disciplined Investing And Staying The Course With Cullen Roche
13) Global Asset Allocation And Portfolio Diversification With Meb Faber
14) Alternative Investment Strategies And Portfolio Diversification With Phil Huber

I’m always seeking out new “investing legends” to interview!

Don’t be shy to recommend great amateur investors.

Please let me know who you would like to see featured on this site?